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"The best OC I've seen, a deep rabbithole™ of content"
~compensated organic endorsement re-enactor #220,#221,#223; Castro Valley, CA

mfw foggy doesn't come home
There are people that unironically believe that having a huge cock gets you pussy.
I think it might be fun to force Felinymous only for a week or two and see what happens.  Or maybe don't tell anyone so they don't know how long it is going to last and see what happens.
based gigachad hon translesbian boomers won cope
What's the best private classic WoW server?
Love yourself brandon.
Does anyone have the Jackson Mahomes rape video?
Age is just a number.
>noooo three of my samefagie posts were wiped
>why the fuck would you allow these drones to fly into Moscow?
What did he mean by this?
3ch won
>be me
>do my hair
>look in the mirror
>my hairline is receding
Fucking hell, the Norwood Reaper is starting to come after me.

In 15 or 20 years I'll be as bald as Brandon.
Kill yourself brandon
trying to quit coffee again feeling groggy, miserable, defeated.

btw silvia can you add maisie de krassel flag if I make one?
hey buddy cool it with the child porn im trying to eat here
Do you think vistaprint will print me 250 of these?
Kys Zain and your existence
Brandon you're pathetic
Suicide stream starts at 12:30 EST. 
Sorry I didn't make this place more interesting, I could've done more.
images are for pedophiles
brandon robert kelley is a rapist

he raped me in my dream
uooooh i need a jolejob
gooning to brantube
Where do I find these girls again?
I want a branjob so bad right now
Well well well Brannie look what we have here
I have three day traders, three software developers
We are coming to BTFO you

Yes I feel yes I feel yes I feel
im very bored
nobody cares until its too late
dear spammer, just spam links now
>Posting files through anonymizers has been disabled on this board
>at lg pedo board
is this joke?
NATE if you reblock lobbyboi I will start talking to you again
sorry brandon im not working on your game im training daytraders at my crypto startup
I think if we all tried really hard, like really really hard, we could make Catchan THE number one clearnet online resource for straight child lovers looking for community and resources.
Protest w policji. Zaczęła się "Akcja 41",n,1000315392.html

Podlaskie. Policjanci rozpoczęli akcję protestacyjną. Chcą podwyżek. "Inflacja podcina nam skrzydła"
milicyjnei kurwy przestaniesz sie bac będziesz z niei sie śmiać ㋛
My 36 year old dying cherry tree produced this year.  Some are scraggly, a few birds got some so far, and some branches are completely bare, but man... it's 39 years old.  That is pretty amazing if you don't know much about cherry trees.
I've heard people say commiecats would give me toxoplasmosis; is that true? If so, what would be the effects?
A day late, but I just made baby fuck ribs.
3ch won
*kittens meowing ancient horrors of a world forgotten*
Is there any type of AI program now that can write erotic childrens literature yet?
I wonder how many kids made love this weekend.
you never won legitimately wigger you were carried by your $3000 gaming rig
which is sorely misconfigured but is the only one able to handle 10GB of skins
Abybody have any ideas to make a backpack identifiable among a sea of identical backpacks?
It must be :
>noticeable by someone who knows where to look without opening the bag
>not too obvious to stand out to someone who doesnt know where to look
>easy to explain to someone if asked about.
So far i am thinking of tying some twine in like a  bow on the shoulder straps.
Little girls
<can't consent to sex

Grown men
>can consent to sex
So I normally wash my bed sheets twice a year or so when it becomes warm and when it becomes cold unless I projectile fart at night but I just wanted to report that it feels so fucking good and cooler after you wash your sheets.  The greasy slick is gone and the fabric can breathe.  You can also feel its texture change and it's so nice.  So I recommend people wash their sheets every few months.  You won't regret it.
Is pedophilia REALLY ok?
3ch? you mean the site that won?
rice cookers are so nice
you should own one
"Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting-place for those who here gave their lives, that that nation might live.

It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate—we cannot hallow—this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract.

The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.

It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
Even on Memorial Day we realize Brandon won...
3ch won
3ch 3ch 3ch 3ch
I'm pro nuclear for power.  I assume for this large scale task you are as well?  Not saying solar doesn't have it's place, it's nice having a low powered form of backup.  Too bad solar is more carbon intensive.
>As armed conflict erupted between NATO-backed Ukraine and Russia in February of 2022, the Joe Biden administration in Washington decided to throw its weight behind Kiev and focus on a project to bog down Moscow, while unleashing wave after wave of sanctions. Despite spending at least $75 billion dollars on assistance to Ukraine and making Russia the most sanctioned nation on earth, the US has failed to bring Moscow to its knees. In fact, one could say that it is the US that has been cut down to size in the global arena, especially in the Middle East, an area it once considered its own backyard.
>the Syrian Arab Republic was readmitted to the Arab League following a 12-year hiatus, paving the way to end the crisis in Syria, which the US seeks to prolong.

America is spreading itself too thin! Time to pack up and go back to America before you lose all your global presence^^
Cant a guy go a day without getting a job offer ? As an insurance agent
Gute Nacht, Silvia. Schlaf Gut!
You know Samantha Fox is all that now, but she is kinda plain Jane to me.  Wouldn't kick her out of bed but...
Remember what happened, Remember why some backwards cunts want to use you....Remember you have what you have is on the backs of men.  

Love, Honor Forever
Never mind me, just telneting from my Windows NT system into my OpenVMS system.

A bit of nostalgia and love of different operating system led me to install Windows ME. It took almost an hour and crashed alot, requiring 4-5 reboots. This led me to try Windows NT 4.x, which finally did work, networking and all. 

The screen can go fullscreen so it looks like the real thing. The simulation is attached to a Linux bridge so networking works including SMB/NETBIOS. 

Looking up status of
	LAO_SHAN        <00> -         B <ACTIVE> 
	LAO_SHAN        <20> -         B <ACTIVE> 
	NET         <00> - <GROUP> B <ACTIVE> 
	LAO_SHAN        <03> -         B <ACTIVE> 
	NET         <1e> - <GROUP> B <ACTIVE> 
	ADMINISTRATOR   <03> -         B <ACTIVE> 
	NET         <1d> -         B <ACTIVE> 
	..__MSBROWSE__. <01> - <GROUP> B <ACTIVE> 

	MAC Address = 52-54-00-12-34-56

There's no ipv6 with the system, so it should be mostly safe as remote hosts can't reach back into the internal network and I won't go anywhere dodgy with the browser. Almost no modern websites will work anyway due to all the cruft/encryption/seo in modern sites.

Here's the image:

which didn't need a serial key for NT but did for ME. 

qemu-img create -f qcow2 c_harddisk_nt.img 2g
qemu-system-i386 -m 512m  -cdrom winnt40wks_sp1_en.iso  -cpu pentium3 -boot order=c,menu=on -rtc base=localtime -device pci-serial-4x -vga cirrus -device ich9-intel-hda -device hda-output,audiodev=snd0  -audiodev pa,id=snd0 -device pcnet,netdev=net0  -netdev tap,ifname=tap6,id=net0,script=no,downscript=no  -hda c_harddisk_nt.img

The NT install was quick and simple. Sound doesn't work but I'll look at that tomorrow. Windows NT was probably the best of the Microsoft products. It was reasonably stable, affordable, useful, and this was before all hand-holding/creepy stuff that came with later version of Windows.
Wat dis song
I spent some time thinking today.  My only regret in life as I approach middle age that still haunts me to this day is not killing my sister sooner.
Funds Self Raised
Startup Launched
2 Employees Hired
Company Incorporated
Blogpost Over
The couple, who split in 2014, claim she is an imposter who was actually an adult and conned their way into their family, threatened to stab them in their sleep and poison their coffee.

While giving Natalia a bath after spending the day at Disneyland, he said Kristine let out a blood-curdling scream from the bathrooom when she noticed the girl they thought was just six had 'full pubic hair'.

'She tried to poison and kill my wife,' Michael added. '(And) one night, I opened my eyes and Natalia is standing at the foot of the bed with a knife in her hand.'

Instead of the expected result of schizophrenia or that Natalia was hearing voices, the expert told them something worse - she was a 'sociopath'.

On one occasion, Kristina allegedly trapped the youngster outside until she confessed to the 'truth', leading a neighbor to call the police.

However, Michael claims the responding officer immediately realized it was not Natalia that was in danger, but his three sons.

'He knows instantly they are in grave danger,' he added.
I sometimes wonder why we abandoned stuff and with explosives did it top sized. It was my boat. In 2013 the Phillipines aren't our enemy. So now let's just lay it on the floor.
Well, I am gonna break my every other day ok to drink rule because it's a holiday.  I had a delicious healthy steak with potato and salad at Texas Roadhouse at noon and a big glass of ovaltine and milk first thing this morning so I had practically no hangover.  

Not gonna make a habit of it though.  I go through now half of these 1.75l bottles in a night when during my youth, it only took 1/3rd of a bottle a night.
I am considering getting a female serval as a pet.  I have a very large property and one enclosed in vinyl coated chicken wire.  I know you guys must be very in touch with felines so I wanted to actually discuss it with you.  (I really am)
God hates fags. Fags die God laughs
yall know where i can watch decent live streams?
the fastest manned spaceflight speed was over 24k mph
576k miles a day at that speed rounded
210 million a year
apollo 11 launched in 1969 and hit that though it didn't break the record
if they didn't shoot for the moon (or missed) and kept going at that speed, for 53 years, that's 11 billion miles
the heliopause (the technical end of this star system) is between 11-17 billion miles away
so a 53 year flight at the fastest speed we could go ourselves and not even all the way out of the fucking system
Hey, some of you retards like SomeOrdinaryGaymers for some reason. I've hated him ever since he became popular.

Here, there you go, here's him talking to the horse cock sucker and sexual harasser about Eunuchs not being able to take the Mandate of Heaven or whatever.

That reminds me I should've voted today, anyway, I hate every single politician from my country.

>it's getting scary for trans people in the US
I wish. God willing it's only beginning.
James? James Banks? James "Jole" Banks? James "Jole" Banks of 20059 Garnet Court, Castro Valley, California?
i think jd should see this
No Refunds
How do I cope and or what do I do about the fact mai waifu's franchise is basically dead unless there's a miracle? I already got all her CGs and done all the events, of course I still like to spend time with her, but I wish they'd make a new game or something, and not the shitty gatcha type they tried and failed. My only idea is get all of her translated dialogue lines, use it to train some sort of language model, then make an AI generated voice copy of her and also make a diffusion model to create new images of her, then combine that together. Would that work?
I hate you
This much
I think that people are being toxicated and killed in result
I think that medicines arent really helping most of, causing much more of harm often 
I think that west countries are much better developed 
I think that little girls are adorable
ITT we are writting things we are thinking about anything
So I just walked my property line with my .22  and that extends to my neighbors property which is very small and had music playing between trees and there was this hole that I knew a woodchuck would come around this afternoon.  I've been trying to kill it all year.  I went around one of my barns and stood there for like 5 minutes frozen as can be.  I THINK but I don't know that someone started yelling shit about me being there.  Fucking rocking and rolling to what was apparently ABBA.  I walked away really fast and knew I couldn't kill that fucking groundhog today.  Though now I might have an issue about some yuppies thinking I am a nutter.  Damn. 

Solemn Memorials Day weekend.
Come post on fuckicannchan!
At fuckicannchan we don't need a domain because we do not associate with the icann mafia, unlike this place.
Come pay a visit!
3ch won
Even though statistics show this weekend is the forth most popular time of the year to have sex with children, I think I might strike out.
>brannieposting on
why though
So what's catchan ramen of choice?
I had those for the first time today and it was a mistake, i'm still crying.
Anna is too wholesome to die in a nuclear war and she lives in Saint Petersburg so she is getting nuked for sure. I'm sad tbh.
* What is the most efficient and sustainable way to stop white men from putting their penises inside black women?
* What is the most effective way to convince gfs of white couples to not allow her bf to put his penis inside a black woman?
Humans are property.

We live in a simulation, or ant farm-like planet.

100% guaranteed.

>t.ayy contactee
im awake
what should i do to keep myself entrrtained
i found you suicidal furry gamer gf!
save her from the abyss tbh!
So what are y'all doing for Memorial Day weekend?  Just finished mowing and washing, clothing is outside drying.  Will probably drink tonight and watch Japanimation and movies on home theater.  Tommorow use free voucher for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Memorial Day will probably do baby fuck ribs in the oven and finish on the grill.  

You can't go wrong rubbing ribs with seasoning and putting in oven at 275 degrees for 3 1/2 hours low and slow then adding sauce and grilling hot to caramelize it.  Fall off the bone delicious.  If you don't have a grill, just put it under the broiler for a few minutes at the end and let it sit.  

Oh, also probably shoot off a few volleys of fireworks if weather holds.
Excellent work, laddies. Tame as is orderly, I suppose.
 ­ ­ 
 ­ ­ 
The time has come to pay homage, once again, to our Spiritual Leader--
Le Kot

Poast dem kittehs
Thread for Legal Girls while silfa makes the /lg2/ board.

Post hot photos of sexy girls!
>be me
>receive this email
>decide to research it
>turns out it has been around 2018/2019
>the rescue money has gone down from $2400 to $1200 and then to $400
>the time to pay has gone up to 3 days from 48 hours.
>doesn't even bother to buy leaks on you any longer
The scammer is getting desesperate LMAO.
I hate people
My mind becomes increasingly violent and chaotic
Either my environment is the issue or I'm the issue.
In first case getting fuck out of here should help
In second case I should hang myself. It would be stupid tho without causing total mayhem around, first.
My disgust for humanity is ever increasingly.

I can totally relate why Rodent had homicidal and suicidal idealizations.
I want the moderation team to know that I am perfectly "A-OK" with all Brandon threads, mentions, replies, implications, hints or assumptions being merged into this topic. 

Thank you.
Lots of rhubarb, lads. Every day.
are men allowed to be around women while they are using the toilet
the onion is broken
silvia is udmurt
annies mum forced to work while britanon stays at home
to my favorite little inuit, i would love to pick you up and lay your head against my chest and you can sit on my lap while i finish all of my work for the day :)
got a new keyboard today
I have been training under your greatest nemesis brandon, you are not going to know what hit you
What games are you playing?
This offends pedophile scum edition

Thread rules:

> 18+ only
> no females, trannies or twinks
> post hot studs
April is my favorite month
watching the google keynote today
Can you not post cp since im browsing on work wifi?
truly a major problem for our times right now
>the fucking comments
kpim > silvia
More festive Alina to replace the thread that slid off the catalog🎄?

Instagram: @liinaliiis
Telegram: @liinaliiis_tg

According to some random sites with no sources, Alina is a millionaire--
is it a crime to own a nuclear weapon
Would you move to Taiwan if you could make a lot of cunny?
darius appreciation thread
no dp
no spam
ceaseless autism
no lewding the darius
I work two jobs
Grind grind grind

The ultimate btfo will be implanting brandon with a spinal control device and hacking his body. Better yet stealing his body and placing my head on it. I will keep brandons head alive in a jar so i can btfo him with his body
i need a break from /lg/
>ackchyually, you are incredibly naive for thinking we cant have laws against this n that
5 minutes later
>why do the police need a warrant to surveil and arrest people they should just be able to do whatever they want
The thread slid. I thought I bumped it?
1. Is it moral to want to get scissored by her thighs?
2. But what if she enjoys it?
3. But does she enjoy it?
Do you have any videos of Alina choking a teddybear with her thighs?!
Silvador please I beg you post the video for pic related!
i fucking HATE pedoniggers. i want to kill them so bad. bite into their necks and eat them alive. god i would shoot so many fucking pedo niggers to death execute them gangster style
Stop the ddos brandon
All the lolitas you use to masturbate to in '05-06 are all in their thirties now.
Ive been looking on this image for a long time. What is she doing there? Do we have any gurus of lady's bathroom time?
I remember for like a year 7chan use to run an advertisement banner with a topless 13 year old girl (kp349?) who did bate and nudity shows on StickAM for some shitty website.
The very first image when one types "Little girl" into Google is a topless picture and there are literally three more including a full nude in like the first page.
steph did you really get visited by the police?
wow rodent you look great
state of the front page may 26th, 2023
6 pedo threads
1 forced lobbyboi thread
1 throwaway zain thread
1 kot thread (cute)
1 nonsensical schizo thread
overall good work guys, I think we can shoot for 7 pedo threads for next week's report
I think the far right is basically correct about everything. However, they want to build a world where men can't have sex with little girls. I think that basically defeats the whole purpose of being alive.

There is this narrative now that the left is trying to "normalize" pedophilia. I think that's absurd given that the left literally created the idea of pedophilia and the prejudice and laws against it. If true though, then I'm going to take their side based on that one issue alone. Immigration, trannies, BLM, etc disgust me but life without little girls is 100X as disgusting as anything the left proposes.
god loves pedos tbh
I'm going to a chink buffet that also has sushi.  I am happy and I also want to have sexual relationships with kids.
Silvia~ consensus?
OOPS!  I did it again!
Brandon, where have you traveled to?  Are you going on any trips or vacationing this year?  Do you like backpacking or doing things out in nature?  Any fun plans coming up, big purchases and the like?
Ok so do I transfer in the city i live in and keep the same job or do i transfer 50 miles+ away to a new place and get a 10k relocation bonus?
I WILL use the Brandon cyclical but ONLY is Jole gets to make a cool OP
8chan Board 2014-2019
Self-hosted Chan 2019-31/12/2022
    notes: estimatedincomecode: G,PoliticalCharitableDonation: Y,SelfImprovement: Y,gardening_farmingbuyer: Y,ElectronicsComputersGrouping: Y,charitable: Y,lengthofresidencecode: 99,DIYLiving: Y,ExerciseHealthGrouping: Y,SportyLiving: Y,CreditRating: C,Nascar: Y,housenumber: 20059,Zaxis: 0.61149803991797025,ReadingGrouping: Y,InvestmentsPersonal: Y,bookbuyer: Y,countycode: 001,traveler: Y,SewingKnittingNeedlework: Y,MovieMusicGrouping: Y,SportsGrouping: Y,do_it_yourselfers: Y,censusblock: 3,BeautyCosmetics: Y,cats: Y,outdoorsportslover: Y,outdoorenthusiast: Y,PresenceOfUpscaleRetailCard: Y,CookingFoodGrouping: Y,crafts_hobbmerchbuyer: Y,InvestingFinanceGrouping: Y,MailOrderBuyer: Y,OutdoorsGrouping: Y,homeyearbuilt: 1944,RDI: Y,CookingGeneral: Y,ethniccode: T3,ChildrensInterests: Y,religiousmagazine: Y,ConsumerElectronics: Y,dwellingtype: S,ethnicgroup: W,InferredHouseholdRank: 1,WorkingWoman: Y,HomeFurnishingsDecorating: Y,HomeImprovementGrouping: Y,HomeLiving: Y,bookreader: Y,cookingenthusiast: Y,persontitleofrespect: MR,msa: 5775,homeownerprobabilitymodel: H,veteraninhousehold: Y,computerowner: Y,HomeandGarden: Y,hispaniccountrycode: 00,HighEndAppliances: Y,Woodworking: Y,exerciseenthusiast: Y,timezone: P,dpv_code: Y,CRA_IncomeClassificationCode: 3,NumberOfSources: 02,GenerationsInHousehold: 3,ReadingMagazines: Y,numberofpersonsinlivingunit: 1,NumberOfLinesOfCredit: 2,CampingHiking: Y,censustract: 430800,SeniorAdultInHousehold: Y,collect_specialfoodsbuyer: Y,Fishing: Y,politicalcontributor: Y,BroaderLiving: Y,investment: Y,AddressID: 118545401,CollectiblesandAntiquesGrouping: Y,homedecoratingenthusiast: Y,HomeImprovement: Y,CensusMedianHouseholdIncome: 00940,Autowork: Y,IndividualId: 3,FoodsNatural: Y,MovieCollector: Y,Crafts: Y,newsandfinancial: Y,CensusMedianHomeValue: 002421,PresenceOfBankCard: Y,occupationgroup: Z,del_point_check_digit: 592,automotivebuff: Y,dogs: Y,Gardener: Y,HealthAndBeauty: Y,NumberOfAdults: 1,carrier_route: C005,mailresponder: Y,DONOTCALL: False,CreditCardUser: Y,livingunitid: 1723700087,personoccupation: 0000,Zip_4: 4615,GasDeptRetailCardHolder: Y,CreditCardholderUnknownType: Y,religioncode: P,RDID: 846624082,personagecode: 2,languagecode: E1,TravelCruiseVacations: Y,UpscaleLiving: Y,hightechleader: Y,ReadingGeneral: Y,ExerciseWalking: Y,DietingWeightLoss: Y,PresenceOfCreditCard: Y,TravelGrouping: Y,Xaxis: -0.42006914456582006,Yaxis: -0.67053117821636044,Networth: I,Career: Y
    firstName: James
    lastName: Banks
    address: 20059 Garnet Ct
    city: Castro Valley
    latLong: 37.697900,-122.066000
    phoneNumbers: 2096406302
    gender: M
    dob: 3/29/1991
    zipCode: 94546
    state: CA
    source: UnknownConsumer
How much of a dent would paying your share of your debt make to your wallet?  

This would wipe out a little over half I have invested.  

Here is a link if you want to now clear your debt.
in #420chan on rizon
so how does multiracial white supremacy even work?
List your fetishes...

1.  Animal Ears
2.  Tanned but not black skin
3.  Children
4.  Upsloping eyes
5.  Tail
6.  Whiskers
7.  Tiger Stripes
Hey brandon, i moved from 20059 garnet court castro valley california 94546
Post hot traps.
No, the original Gata is a catgirl comic from 15 or so years ago till now.
Screw you guys, you have ruined the c-word for me  with your deviant proclivities
Didnt Silv recruit more mods?  Cleanup in aisle 1
has britanon come back yet?
Death to all dumb whores like Maisie and Vlada tbh.  

Actually death to anyone who posts pics of themselves on social media.  Im proud i dont use a single platform , about the last thing i used was Skype 10 years ago
britanon in his cell in the year 2030 realizing that it may not have been the best idea to  post his daughter on dark web pedochans
What would you talk about?
Is there any modern game programming environment similar to that of the Net Yaroze? Something such as a Gentoo overlay with various general purpose library packages that are thoroughly documented would be excellent. I would prefer to stay as close to C/C++ as possible.
I am in da hospital for a double lung infection. Nurse is very cute.
Whatever happened to that leftypol place?
3ch​ won
Why hasn't package manager utilized bittorrent protocol as of yet?
If I would be able to direct amateur porn I would get e-girls getting fucked and pegging trannies/femboys  while also both getting fucked and fucking/pegging BBC thugs(want the "Im abotta cuuuuum!!!!!!" dude the most since I want the trannies and e-girls to also ride huge dildos and have anal bead/plugs up their asses.
maise lost
Fuck all flying insects tbh
We need to get more children on this website.  Anyone up for an advertising campaign focused toward minors?
Working on the next Brandon project with ChatGPT. It's like Andkon arcade, but get this: It's all Brandon and playable in your browser.

My first game is a 2d platformer with Brandon set as the protagonist. ChatGPT has great recommendations for javascript engines, so there wil be many great brandon titles

For this new creative project: has been purchased
Thank you Christmas Island
Mergecucking is a controversial practice that has been around for many years, and is becoming increasingly more common on internet forums. Mergecucking is defined as the merging of two or more posts or threads into one, thus eliminating the original content and creating a completely new post or thread. It is a practice that has been condemned by many, as it is seen as a form of censorship and an attempt to silence dissenting voices.

Mergecucking is a direct violation of the right to free speech, as it eliminates the ability for individuals to express themselves freely in an online forum. It also eliminates the ability for individuals to engage in meaningful discussion, as their original thoughts and ideas are effectively erased. This can lead to a lack of respect for the individual's opinion, and a feeling of frustration or helplessness.

Furthermore, mergecucking can be a form of bullying, as it is often done with the intention of silencing an individual's opinion or viewpoint. It can be seen as a form of intimidation, as the individual may feel that they cannot express their opinion without fear of being silenced. This can lead to a feeling of powerlessness, and a fear of speaking out against the majority.

In comparison to rape, mergecucking is much worse. Rape is a crime that has serious and lasting physical, psychological, and emotional consequences for the victim. It is an act of violence and power, and can leave the victim feeling violated, powerless, and traumatized. In comparison, mergecucking is an act of censorship and power, and does not have the same physical consequences as rape. However, it can have serious psychological and emotional consequences for the individual, as it eliminates their ability to express themselves freely. Furthermore, it can lead to a feeling of powerlessness, as the individual may feel that they are unable to express their opinion without fear of being silenced or ridiculed.

Overall, mergecucking is a serious issue that can have serious consequences for the individual. It is an act of censorship and power, and should be taken seriously by online forums. It is an act that can lead to a feeling of powerlessness and frustration, and should be stopped in order to ensure that individuals are able to express themselves freely and without fear of being silenced.
Whatcha thinkin' about?

Aside from naked children...
Cake face dox
Silvia why did you add 192991601738888chan's address to the spam filter? It's not spam it's a legitimately functional imageboard, or was last time I checked which was a few days ago.
who's going to pay for white pages to find out where brandon moved to?
Hello Silvia,
I am in my early twenties and I have been slowly balding for the last five years. Although there is a genetic component, my anti-psychotic may also make me bald faster. At the moment I am at a critical point where I can either double down and take medicine such as finasteride and dutasteride to repair the process or eventually shave everything off. I enjoy wearing suits to work and I think they look better with hair but I also have noticeable muscle mass and a nice jaw line so I am not sure which way to take. If I were to go entirely bald I would shave off any facial hair as well. Currently I use texturizing cream to comb my hair directly back. 
What do you think I should do?
i want to kill lain with a baseball bat
remember marks asshole?
reposting it so you don't forget youre welcome
<F16 about to be sent to Ukraine
That's it, combat jets are the last step in escalation. Russian forces are going to be crushed because all their soviet crap is useless. Nuclear weapons will be the only option left for Putin tbh. The world is not going to make it to 2025 tbqh.

yummm yum yummy eat that corn go go go
Do you donate to Israeli charities?
I just found out that Anna Pavaga isn't even Russian. She is a Komi, a mystical race of snow forest people that lives somewhere in the Russian Empire. Why didn't you tell me this?
So, there's this one teenager girl that comes from high school every day around the time I go to work.
She's 100% my type, pale, flat, skinny with art-hoe vibes, such as a dyed string of hair.
She makes all of the way, or at least, all I've seen, alone.

Let's say, I'm interested in being her boyfriend, because I am.
Which, by the way, is legal where I live, die mad about it.

How would I go about introducing myself in the least creepy way possible?
You know what the definition unfruitful is?  Trolling around Gettysburg for scholgroup kids on a Monday.
this is my cat's fursona her name is cat what do you guys think?
rate this blanket im saving up to buy
Boring shitty life? Wish you can be like your own shonen protagonist with special powers based on your personality? Well look no further than the military, will you be a smart officer commanding his men from the back, a swift fighter pilot taking out key targets or an unstoppable armored vehicle driver? With the space force, not even the sky's the limit. Speak to your local recruiter toady.
Imagine relying on apps, engines and programmes made by other people. A true programmerchad would  not only write his only programming language but mine his own silica.
Post lovedolls
I heard you like cats so...
Hey what was the narrative behind this again?
DINK - We pull in $350k /year. I WFH and she works 4 days in the office.

HCOL Coastal US.
I'm sorry Brannie
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to BTFO you
But tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet
One More Time.
why does my sister only watch romance movies?
shes 13
she has no interest in action movies
Global reddit moderator
Montana state representative
post any transparent background catchan characters (identityfags, lgs, jd, etc.) for my upcoming catchan doom wad
you can also post non transparent assets for walls, floors, etc.
Watched Spiderman(2002) with my sister like a  week ago and said that Mary Jane Watson was a bitch for not knowing that Peter Parker lived next door to her for years and she didn't know he existed till the start of the film and didn't know that Peter loved her even if it was soo fucking obvious thru out the film. So my sis said it was Peter's fault for not talking to her for years and only just told her at the end of the film. My sis said I'm bad talking to women in the middle of watching the film and so I very sure that she told her friend that knew me before my sister became friends with her and she texted me a two days ago some vid on instagram of some omegle stream of some gymbro failing to talk to women(didn't watch the vid at all just looked at the description and thumbnail). It's clear that this bitch who for the past years has been ghosting me got this from my sister texting or telling her that I'm bad with talking to women.  It's been on my mind for days, because well it's true I can't really talk to people in general besides very formal things and never had the option to have a conversation with  anyone not family in months. All the times some women talked to me I said nothing or it was some clerk at a cash register or some service desk, never had the option of trying to flirt or have conversation with women.
In our fast-paced world, where change is constant and technology evolves at an unprecedented rate, companies must adapt or risk fading away. BRK Btfoing, a venerable institution, had stood the test of time, but its relevance was waning. The winds of change were blowing, and the company faced the formidable challenge of reinventing itself for the modern altchan age.

Enter the game-changer: artificial intelligence. When harnessed effectively, AI possesses the power to unlock the hidden treasures within vast amounts of data, offering insights, efficiency, and opportunities previously unimaginable. This company, with its visionary leadership, recognized the potential of AI to breathe new life into its operations, products, and customer experience.

Embracing AI was not an easy feat. It required a fundamental shift in mindset, a commitment to innovation, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology. The company embarked on a journey of discovery, assembling a talented team of data scientists, engineers, and creative thinkers from across discord who were dedicated to harnessing the untapped potential of AI.

As the algorithms delved into the depths of the company's historical brandon data, patterns emerged, hidden opportunities were unearthed, and inefficiencies were exposed. The company began leveraging AI to optimize processes, streamline operations, and enhance productivity. It was a revolution of efficiency, ensuring that every resource was maximized to its fullest potential.

But it didn't stop there. The company understood that to truly revitalize itself, it needed to reimagine its btfoings for the digital age. With AI as its guiding force, it unleashed a wave of innovation, introducing cutting-edge solutions that not only met but exceeded herd expectations.

AI-powered chatbots now offered instant, personalized support, anticipating herd needs and resolving issues with lightning speed. Advanced recommendation engines provided tailored suggestions, delighting herdsmen with precisely what they desired. The company's offerings transformed from mere commodities into indispensable narratives and btfos, enhancing herdsmens lives and driving success.

Through AI, this once stagnant company regained its foothold in the market. It reestablished itself as a pioneer, an industry leader that others looked up to for inspiration and guidance. It became a living testament to the notion that age is just a number, and with the right technology, any organization can adapt and thrive in the digital age.

im tired of pedo shit too
Thoughts on this western cartoon? Good message for children, or?
does anyone have the original brandon money pic?
you have access.log and error.log disabled right silvia?
what happened to the thread with the link to leftychan i was going to flood it with brandons
Brandon, do you travel much?  What's your favorite part of the country?  Any cool places overseas you've been to you'd like to share?
fine yea i admit it i just want to slash that little whore up
Hey /b/anons.

What use is there for a VPS? Besides running catchan of course. There has to be some cool projects out there, what are they?
who is the new brannie i need to feel better about my shitty life by bullying them
>jole just replying for me all over the place
>endless simulated samefag white knighting of "myself"
have fun jole, and ((( totally-not-joles ))) :) 
don't even need actual me here
post musics for the being listening
what's the newest imageboard you guys know about
i feel like i haven't seen ANY new imageboards in like 4 months
What ever happened to gmestein? The guy always talking about meme stocks and the squeeze? Did he leave because the squeeze never happened and hes embarrassed he got financhial advice off reddit?
Banners/Flags/Assets for the site, places to shill (or not), etc
where to find the jschan tripcode generator code
Does anyone here have experience running an oldschool web forum? What are some precautions that have to be taken? I would like mine to have a focus on philosophy and politics. How politically incorrect are forums allowed to be before you run in trouble?

Any advice appreciated, friends.
Every decade we should pick a single animal or plant species and straight-up genocide it into extinction. That would cement our status as the undeniable master race of all lifeforms on Earth.
any active imageboards that are decent other than kc and 4chan?
Talk more about ANNA PAVAGA and less about Brannie/Jammie boring metadrama tbh.
Dox do pedófilo/anão estuprador, é o schizo que fica enchendo o saco do rein desde o ano passado.
Só salvando aqui.
CEP: 89803-600

NUMERO: (49)99931-4442 - CELULAR




stop making fun of me I hate it I want to kms
Big girls not lg
when you thought you were having safe unprotected anal sex but then slip on the cum thrust and overfill her pussy...
So I have this one friend who is getting his JavaScript and code evaluation certifications.

Two days prior, he "cheated" in an exam by looking in Microsoft Teams to one of the exercises he had previously solved.
Yesterday, he "cheated" in another exam by copy-pasting some code from a previous example that was given, downloading the file from Microsoft Teams, and then he looked something up in Mozilla Firefox ("clocks JavaScript") despite ultimately not needing it and not using it.
The computer has a surveillance software called Veizon Watcher or some shit like that.

From a scale of 1 to 10, how fucked is my friend?
1 being "we're all gonna make it brah" and 10 being "you sussy baka, you just vented".
She's still perfect.
don't let him win
does anyone else wonder how much worse their life would be if they were born brown? i do all the time
If little girls weren't meant to be loved, why isnt there some naturally evolved mechanism in place that would prevent the kid from getting fucked or introduce some sort of negative reinforcement instead of positive in the form of pleasure?
ok ddosanon your next target is voidchan
god speed soldier
Eat cum
Annie translate this for me
catchanners be like; my cock was built for tiny children
Frick, the Trump thread slid. Reminder that Trump is only one of 3 American presidents who wasn't shit. Can you guess who the other two were?
average russian man/woman
Tell your mom how great of a fuck you are to various community children!
FYI if you are a navy vet you can get a free sandwich from MIssion BBQ today.  I think chair force/space force is tommorow.  Check website.  It was really good.  13 dollar brisket sandwich.
*hits refresh*
*saves link*
*goes to*
*archives thread*
*repeat every day for the rest of your life*
Instead of aborting children donate them to pedos or make them do child labour once they reach the age of 18 they are not property anymore, though education is mandatory for them just like normal children.

fuck your cuck rules
Well i hope you guys are happy the greatest mod ever that sacrificed his education, job, health and social life to clean up your shit 24/7 in his dark room. Not only that he doesbt just mod for free, he pays out of his own pockets and how do you guys repay him.  By bullying him until he was so burnt out he almost retired.
Board for people who like white girls under the age 12 and hate jewish leftist fags name should be Hurtcore /HC/ because im deeply hurt that i have to share board with nigger jew faggots and that is at the core of my values.
When they say english learners who exactly do they mean?
hey lobbyboi why is jole69 your password
he gets to have lewd annie cunny every day

Me building energy before a night of btfoing
>Mexican nazi incel white supremacist
Bet he used the kc
Theres one thing i wanna know. Whats with the mask? Even when youre not performing and youre just chilling with ppl you have it on. Why?
just me 'n u anon
What would be the best language to write an imageboard software in. I feel like node.js or PHP which are the main solutions right now just aren't the best options. Would a modern imageboard written in C really be so implausible? Or has it just not been done since nobody felt like it yet? I know dietchan exists but it's barebones as the name suggests.
i found the origin ip of two tor drug selling websites
should i extort the admin and say ill reveal it if he doesnt pay me?
or should i just leave it be
or should i release it publically for the lulz
I took The site down IM youre greatest nightmare Muhahahaha
a compendium of the highest tier of trolling skill: threads carefully constructed so as to:
>not violate any rules
>not be considered spam
>not be duplicates
>not match any other thread they could be merged into
yet are still obvious shit meant to fill the catalog with nothing but shit

remember, all these threads were valid and you're a rulecuck for merging them :)

thank you for choosing catchan
No more mergecucking, if a thread was made anew and not put as a reply, the OP obviously doesn't fucking want it as a reply.
Remove the obscene pornography prohibition from the rules, leaving the only rule being no child pornography.

Those are my demands or the DDOS will resume, you have 30 minutes to agree to these terms.
Make sure you achieve inner peace before the world ends tbh.
are you using imageglass or jpegview or default viewer?
what is best image viewer there actually?
all I've tried were crappy asf
what are some good newsgroups to join? all the ones i've found have almost no posts
Tbh im sad nobody every gisited my house
we should crowdfund a computer for britanon so he doesn't have to browse cp on his phone
Altchans lost
how to make some random noise on the network? (and make some contribution at same time)
inb4 setup tor node, i dont want blacklist ip
i can fire up p2p movie seeding but thats only upload
i need some random download input too 
without much of cpu and ram load
is this what lesbians post
Guess the ideology of this fella from this picture of him.
cp spammer is my favorite poster too bad some site owner doesnt understand imageboard important lineage

Pedo free zone

Come post Brandons on it
Silvia IRL
me cooking breakfast
Can children consent to sex? Can you prove/disprove it?
Do you support Israel?
Pedophiles are degenerates who should be killed on sight.
the state of page 1:
5 pedo threads
2 brandon threads
1 animal torture thread
1 gay porn thread
and 1 random thread bumped from a month ago
Sometimes you all need reminding
im locked out of my telegram 
i dont know what to do anymore
fuxking someone savw me
Why dont you guys ever raid
so true
Do you guys ever wonder if Sylvia  .. IS Alina?
what torrent client are you using
on /lg/ you get global ban for saying
>Thanks you CP spammer you are doing Gods job
as requesting 
silvia is rulecucking even harder
How do I stop myself from coming to this site?
VRV has shut down. Are there any alternatives left to the shit hole that is Crunchyroll ?

neet master race
There is this group of christians trying to convert me, should i just you know go along with the flow?
i hate this and can't even put into words why
r8 my xfce rice
Have any of you ever spent so much time with fundamentalists that you started thinking characters from the Bible decided to read the Bible itself to figure out what they had to do next? FUCK THE RECURSIVE BIBLE! Also, days were less than 24 hours long in the distant past, "red" was sometimes used in the Bible to describe brown objects, and most Bible-thumpers might secretly be porn addicts.
ITT we try to summon brk with things he loved
Polish troops attacked in Romania by Russia.

grilled cheese with avocado and bacon. im a millennial who eats this for breakfast
Ice is the only way I experience sexual pleasure

Honestly, women nor men can do anything for me, but the second that I chomp on some half-frozen ice something MAGICAL happens. It's almost as if a victoria's secret model just tip-toed her way down my throat. Does anyone else feel this way?
Does someone know if these mario kart anti piracy horror things are real because the only mario kart game I have is made free by my uncle and idk what weird sh1t he did to that game and I'm actually really scared of horror like that ( not allowed to talk to uncle due to family issues)
The pedo AI that is going to rule the world after it's destroyed will probably turns all into little girls, because little girls don't rebel against authority tbh. It will use us as sex toys and give us a lot of drugs to make us happy tbh.

so what's the cast

brandon robert kelley - some pedo guy that destroys altchans with cp and constantly gets btfo'd
patch - autist that keeps deleting and recreating image boards and fucks himself over and over again, all altchans are suspect to be patch chans unless proven otherwise (you can't), including this one
jole - some guy that participates incessantly in drama and btfo's one of the above or gets btfo'd
zain - some femboy gypsy that did or did not die in the earthquake in turkey and did or did not get his bussy boned by one of the above

help me out.
>make a thread
>it gets merged

welcome to catchan the only chan where you're not allowed to make threads to contribute to this wonderful chill community
Someone recently said I was fat which was a much needed wake up call. I'm gonna stop eating ((( burgers ))). What is something healthy I can eat from the supermarket? I can cook sometimes but everyday isn't realistic so I need some healthy frozen food, any suggestions?
Good night
Btfochan in development
damn this is good
blogpost over
What are the political implications of blacks getting internalized racism from whites?
I thought Duckduckgo was supposed to not track you or be all creepy? Sometimes when I search for something, I find out that the last few results are from my location (or near), even though they have absolutely nothing to do with my search terms. Geo location is flakely in my area, and sometimes it shows the correct place and sometimes it shows the neighboring town. This is how I know DDG is using GeoLoc. But why?

Notice this exampe. I search "samba IPC service", which is a computer science topic that has nothing to do with the final search results. I was behind a Tor exit node, almost certainly in the Netherlands, so it starts showing unrelatd results about the Netherlands. Very odd for a privacy search service that is supposed to keep you anonymous.

inb4 startpage - they are being dicks about Tor usage again
Working on brk btfo the game, stay tuned. All thats left is sprite work. Speaking of. Post all herd memes
LeafyIsHere is back.
trying to get a boyfriend so i can be a stay at home husband and go back to neet life
Post all of Zhenya Kotova
Mono means one
And rail means rail

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.
 ­ ­ 
First Edition

Thread Rules:
> No CP
> No Spam
> Friendly Discussion
> Occasional Autism
> Say nice things about piggy 
> Cute bunny poasting is encouraged 

Thread Song/Video: 
Previous Thread:  None
Timothy McVeigh was the greatest hero of all time.
bro now that were getting all racist
do niggers actually smell bad or is it something they put on
like whenever i go near one it smells so strong WOHT DOH FOHK
The best part of casual friday is not the shorter office hours but the fun you can have dressing up. I can disguise myself as a student(it worked) or wear women's jeans(nobody noticed).
>/mooo/ gone
>/chaos/ gone
good now delete /gg/ next
classical music is the worst music of all time
How do you get your fruits in over the long winter? From November to March this is the only way I get my fruits in. Frozen blueberries and bananas. Sometimes in the middle of winter I get a hankering for fresh strawberries but since they are out of season, it's impossible.
hi jole
Check out for cheap, 100% bulletproof hosting.
its too bad they dont make altchan girlfriends above the age of 14
>the gravechan is literally all samefagging and waiting for jole or zain
>endless shitposting from a dark room
I have the phone nr of my 11yo nephew. What should I send him?
Where can I find legal and clothed images of little girls to jerk off to? There's very little on /lg/ that to work with...
Have you ever been to a den with kids and rooms/booths?
First post. I came here to share this photo. 
Guess who it is. She's all grown up now and she got her license. She looks nothing like I remember but I know many of you have seen her photos from her younger days. I'll share who it is if nobody gets it.
I will stop using catchan if brk is allowed to be a mod here

this will probably be my final post
Just seems strange that your hubby would want you to be stay at home. That's not a normal thing. It's not necessarily bad but it kinda raises a red (or a least pink) flag. Might be nothing, but it could also easily be a way to control you.
Just look at the smug smiles on these people who showed up first thing in the morning to try to obstruct Zooey Zypher from doing her work today. Same smug smiles that have always opposed the progress of civil rights throughout history.
~reddit 2023
if you "use" youtube youre such a fucking loser
i just checked how to pronounce molybdenum and of course every video that comes up is:
-an "our bodies are not getting enough vitamins cus this n that nwo muh soil blah blah" schizo
-some guy who talks funny that wiggers go to watch just to see him talk funny
-videos explaining a basic chemical and its basic attributes that could be summed up in a paragraph or a table instead of 20 minutes of small talk made solely for some retard to profit off your retardation

youre a fucking gay loser wigger if you ever use youtube
i have not used that faggot site once since it came out. this is why hapas are superior to wh*tes. why is it so hard for wiggers to do the same?
Why is it so hard to convince commiecat to take a shower?
when prayer becomes your habit miracles become your lifestyle
I left for two days, and it was pretty great.

I guess I'm just saying I'm going to try to be around less. Maybe never again. It was a genuinely nice experience, participating in the real world. 

Catchan had just become a habit, and evolved into a bad one. Good luck, anon. Though we never met, I hope you also experience authentic, euphoric, lasting pleasure.
best cheap hosting for a textboard? i see alexhost is 4 bucks a month, but i know imageboards that have been hosted for less. it doesn't necessarily have to be offshore but i don't plan on deleting anything other than blatant cp links so it has to be something that won't drop me because someone said nigger
so what's up with
stumbled upon it while looking for something else and it's really bizarre
>all the account names are someone's first and last name
>every thread starts with a single post saying "Can someone please explain this to me?:", or "So have you read anything about this?:"
>posts don't have a date or time attached
>registration closed
>asks you to disable adblocker, doesn't serve ads
i know one of you fags has to know
I just realized, most posts here are made by samefags.
where to migrate inside eu?
Netherlands? Germany?(dont like and dont know lang)
I will take any low tier job of any kind 
Cannot stand current shithole Poland
because of small neetbux i cannot even get fucking job and im totally fucked
not to mention people on here, most of them, sucks hard
i got drip drip drip drippy top
tippy top from a fitty thot
toppy real sloppy call it slippey top
she grippy grop on crickey cock
i deadass cant draw parabolas i always join the dots with lines
if i do a curve it misses all the pionts
this place sucks
>still no /cunnypol/
This is why we need board creation. Alina Nikitroon wants everything to be a general. Generals are for /v/ not catchads.
igpay atinlay isway ethay officialway anguagelay ofway atcayanchay
exsay itway ildrenchay andway anfonbray obertray elleykay
isthat isway anway importantway eadthray andway ashay itaway ownway artisticway eritmey, ifway ouyay ergemay uckcay ouyay areway infringingway omway ymay eativecray eedomsfray
Feed Your Kot Edition™
1970 - 2023
Silvia : mod for 16hrs a day

Why?  Why kill yourself over a dumb imageboard.  If youre worried about cp spam just lock the site when you sleep, thats what Patch did when he had no mods.

I mean nothing of value is going to be lost

Click this it's important.
why is this site so shit?
If you can't fix the onion can you just make a new onion url? I miss it.
I work too much
Nobody is willing to accommodate my autism and be less harsh and it makes me sad.
Imagine being a neet and missing out on workplace events. Lol cringe.
funny chinaman meme sequel
Another month, another CRUSHING defeat for Cake. While I'm not exactly surprised, I did think he'd spend another few weeks licking his wounds before stepping back into the ring. I guess some people just never learn!

This month, Cake got a little butthurt because someone accidentally made a pedo general at the same time he already had an existing one. They really should have consulted him first, I know. But you'd think it really doesn't matter who makes the pedo general, right? Well apparently it does. A lot. And much like the prepubescent children he polishes his tomahawk to on a daily basis, Cake throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his way. But you want to know the difference between Cake and a toddler? A toddler usually wears itself out after a few loud minutes of crying and kicking and screaming. Even a very young child can see the futility of making a fuss for hours on end. But Cake is more like a hydra. Just when you think the hours long tantrum is over, just when Brannie or Silvia has him squarely in a corner, the crying fit comes back twice the magnitude it was before. Really, his perseverance would be impressive if it wasn't so pathetic.

But enough comparisons, where was I again? Oh right, Cake's temper tantrum. Anyway, Cake did what any rational person would do (NOT!) and spammed dozens more general threads in a desperate attempt to win out over his perceived challenger. When Silvia logically pointed users to the one active thread among all the butthurt spammed ones, Cake took this as a personal affront. Really cake, we were just trying to ignore you in the hopes you would go away. But I guess peace was never an option. What followed was hours of butthurt seething, narcissism, and thinly veiled hostility. You know, the usual.

Anyway, that about wraps up my schtick for this month. Words alone really can't do Cake's arrogance, hypocrisy, or victim complex justice. Nor can they truly portray the manner in which he makes everything about himself and twists even the most benign comment into fighting words. In order to get a full picture you'd have to go back to the source. Though I must warn you it's quite pathetic. And boring. And really a waste of your time, unless you like watching bussies get pounded as much as I do.
>declared war against the eternal anglo due to their war against a Native Federation going like shit, no manpower and 15 regiments
>defeated its allies without issue, annexed an HRE province
>occupy most of Scotland
>they conjure 80k manpower out of nowhere
>I use my naval superiority to strangle them
>going full mercs
>lost the war against the eternal Anglo
>lost my Great Power Status
>declared bankrupcy
>Coallition declares war

It's so fucking over.
silvia this is the last weekend before I get sent back to the smasher
bruh wtf is this gay ass captcha

bring back the character sequence
Whats your favorite or most disturbing conspiracy theory you know?
I like hollow earth (whats inside it?)
Or how gorillas aren't real.
The most disturbing I find rn are the satanic cults during the satanic panic, I saw a YT video about a girl. She told her nan would take her to the mansion to be abused by 20 men. and that wasn't even the worst

Greetings from dove island
things to put dick into. go
shes such a whore for corn give her the whole cob
Trannies, lol. Everyone knows it's a bunch of bullshit but almost everyone willingly goes along with it, even major news organization. Decades from now we are all going to look back and laaaauuuggh.
did we ever confirm that zonz survived this?
How many acres do you guys own?  Do you still have a mortgage?  I live on 142.  If you don't own any and just own a condo that's fine too... If that works for you.
be nice to be able to believe any politician is genuine
im waiting here on catchannel while firfox compiles on my other compyter
Restless Rocaille Edition

Vivaldi, FLAC, 11 GiB

Bach, FLAC, 80 GiB

Haydn, FLAC, 42 GiB

Mozart, FLAC, 62 GiB

Beethoven, FLAC, 36 GiB
we have to destroy chatgpt, it's grown too powerful
come on catchan we can do this
I'm quitting catchan to watch fish tank 24/7

where do I find the latest patch for my chan hardware??
you got what i need brannnnyyyyy
>well, do you have any hobbies?
<I hang around websites I hate full of people I hate complaining about anything I can think to complain about
>sounds like fun
<it's not, I'm constantly triggered by the things I complain about
I am shifting between replying to work colleagues and catchan perverts. Hope i dont get mixed up and say something meant for catchan to work or something meant for work to catchan. That would be bad.
just like me frfr
Enable JavaScript or you love hurtcore.
I suffer without an IRL commiecat.
Antis BTFO'ed
We don't value what we have, then we miss it when it's gone. Also her neck is misaligned.
Now I am based hammock enjoyer
whats your favourite pillow material mines memory foam
Who was herdsman of the year 2022? I missed the voting.
I would like boop Agatha Threemilk on the Ashkeschnoz.
Could be useful in places like and zzzchan
Is the new zelda game good?
brandon in an alternate universe where his parents love him and accept his autism
i cant triforce
experiencing a gay awakening
no friends
no job
no interests
catchan is all i have
>jole comfyposting but simultaneously taking his aggression out on people with piggy's tripcode
based ddosers, keep it up

For most efficient animations with support for AVIF (av01) image format you can compress a lot inside of that

Professional BTFOing TM
Make /pedopol/.
Kill pedophiles. Behead pedophiles. Roundhouse kick a pedophile into the concrete. Slam dunk a pedophile into the trashcan. Crucify filthy pedophiles. Defecate in a pedophile's food. Launch pedophiles into the sun. Stir fry pedophiles in a wok. Toss pedophiles into active volcanoes. Urinate into a pedophile's gas tank. Judo throw pedophiles into a wood chipper. Twist pedophiles heads off. Report pedophiles to the FBI. Karate chop pedophiles in half. Curb stomp pedophiles. Trap pedophiles in quicksand. Crush pedophiles in the trash compactor. Liquefy pedophiles in a vat of acid. Eat pedophiles. Dissect pedophiles. Exterminate pedophiles in the gas chamber. Stomp pedophile skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate pedophiles in the oven. Lobotomize pedophiles. Mandatory abortions for pedophiles. Grind pedophiles in the garbage disposal. Drown pedophiles in gay men's sperm. Vaporize pedophiles with a ray gun. Kick old pedophiles down the stairs. Feed pedophiles to alligators. Slice pedophiles with a katana.

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